Monday, January 17, 2005

So, yea, I'm back at school after a very restful, but, not quite peaceful break. I've moved in with a new roommate and i think it's going to go pretty well. i've been talking with this guy who i met on this christian retreat and i really like him. he's really cool and cute and polite and....well....he's great. only thing with him is that he's really hard to get in touch with. lol. but, i guess if that's the only real thing i have to worry about with him, i'm doing really well. lol. it sucks though, due to the fact that i CAN'T go out with him b/c of his situation with his parents and my situation with my parents. Um, the whole thing of not being out is NOT a good thing when trying to start a relationship. lol. So, yea, anyway, i'm going to get going. hopefully, i'll be able to update this a little more now that i'm at school again.


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