Friday, December 10, 2004

ok, i have to make this quick. u know, why do we have friends??? sometimes, they are a royal pain. i just patched some things up with one of my friends, but, i have gotten to the point where i think that our friendship SHOULD die. our friendship is built on those brief moments of peace and "contentment" in between the massive arguments. instead of understanding and believing me when i say something, he just re-states his original position and it's really getting old. I just don't understand him. i am ALWAYS the bad guy. i am ALWAYS the one to blame and I'M TIRED OF IT!!!!! just once i would like for him to be like, "this is my fault, i'm sorry". but, if i say ONE WORD WRONG, it's my fault....everything is MY FAULT! i know i sound petty right now, but, damn it, this is my blogspot and i can if i want to!!!! lol. I slept with this guy, and even tho he KNEW i liked him, we did it anyway. He KNEW that nothing would come of it, but, we did it anyway. now, when i have asked him about doing it again and after some other history about the subject, he almost breaks off the friendship completely. I don't understand. Supposedly, it's MY fault! He knew that I liked him and if a gay guy has his hand down another gay guy's pants, do u really think the one guy is going to be thinking if this is going to ruin their friendship???? NO ONE THINKS REASONABLY WHEN IT COMES TO SEX!!!!!! He's the one that doesn't like me! so, in that sense, HE should be the one doing the reasoning, don't u think??? I don't know. I'm tired and have a final. Good night