Thursday, September 23, 2004


So, I really really really really really hate computers!!!!!!! My laptop has decided to break and now I have my sister's desktop computer and yea, it can't get on the internet because the damn thing is too old and doesn't have a port of my ethernet cable in my room. So, in other words, i'm currently in the basement of my dorm building writing this and it is really bugging me. Most of all, i can't talk to friends from the privacy of my own room, so, yea......i'm NOT happy!! But, it's all good b/c I got to talk to Josh last night and so, that chased my blues away!!! Hehehehehehe! Thank you Josh! Anyway, I am MAJORLY procrasinating (which is what college is all about....or at least for me! LOL) and I really don't want to go, but, I probably should! And at this point you have probably stopped reading, b/c i'm just boring and ya'll that know me.....well......know me. lol. Ok, I'm signing off. Hope to talk to you from my room next time I'm on here!!!!


Blogger Michael Riley said...


I am a computer technician with 25+ years of hands-on experience. I am able to save people a huge amount of frustration with their computer problems except people don't believe what I say.

Computers and printers, etc., are designed to fail. Usually right after the warranty expires. Sometimes they fail one day after the warranty sometimes 1-3 months after. The point is we are being lied to by the computer industry.

I see it clearly because of my experience. Other technicians say I am wrong. They don't know what I know. Google the "floppy controller defect" that is a defect that Toshiba (and the rest of the computer industry concealed...lied about)was sued for knowingly concealing. It is consumer fraud.

June 7, 2012 at 7:19 PM  

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